What is an herbal health consultation?

Through recommendations and education in nourishment, herbs, flower essences, & aromatherapy and lifestyle, you will:

  • Learn simple ways to nourish yourself with foods and herbs
  • Increase your clarity and confidence in using food and herbs to support your health
  • Receive support, resources, inspiration, and empowerment on your healing path

Emily Ruff has practiced botanical healing for over fifteen years. Emily’s work with clients focuses on the unique partnership developed with each client to achieve wellness goals with support and trust.

“Health is a relationship,” she says. “It is a relationship between your emotions and your physical body, between you and your environment, and between you and what you feed your body. It continues as a relationship between you and your health care consultant. This relationship is an equal partnership, with the practitioner serving as a guide for your own unique path to wellness. I do not serve as an authority on your body, nor is it my work to “make you well.” Instead, together we determine the best health tools for your lifestyle and in collaboration work to usher you towards radiant wellness.”

Through a consultation and wellness plan, you will learn how to develop healthy habits to support and maintain your healthiest self with natural tools.

Specialties include:
Individual and Family Health
Life Transitions
Women’s Health
Immune System Support
Chronic Conditions
Seasonal Allergies
Anxiety and Depression
Weight Management
Cancer including comanagement of treatment side effects

Initial Consultation:
In your initial consultation, we will discuss your personal and family health history, and explore all facets of your physical and emotional life to identify areas where change can create positive outcomes. Plan to arrive early to complete your Wellness Assessment, which can alternately be emailed prior to your visit. We will discuss herbs, nourishment, lifestyle, and natural health modalities to co-create a wellness plan that fits your lifestyle.

Follow Up Consultations:
The length of your follow up consultations vary based on the level of health imbalance (acute or chronic) and the frequency of visits. We evaluate and adjust your wellness plan so that it addresses the most pressing health issues in the most efficient and thorough way possible, and provide full support and empowerment.

How do I schedule an appointment?
Emily is accepting select private clients at this time; you may add your name to a list for availability by way of email.

Please also refer to the Florida School of Holistic Living’s Community Herbal Clinic. Sliding-scale consultations are conducted at the clinic by a number of practitioners under Emily’s supervision and direction. To learn more or schedule an appointment with the clinic today, visit this link or call (407) 595-3731 to schedule your appointment.