Flower Essences for Vibrational Healing

Flower Essences for Vibrational Healing
Originally published March/April 2011 Velocity Magazine

All plants – trees, vines, grasses, even veggies in your garden – contain a chemical cocktail that in many instances has nutritional or medicinal properties.  These plants also carry a unique vibrational energy.

Using plants for healing not only transforms us on a physical level, but on an energetic level as well.  When you ingest plants, your body takes in the rainbow of chemicals as well as a unique vibration that is passed along to you body.

From an energetic perspective, the part of the plant with the highest vibration is its flower.  This is the part of the plant tasked with reproduction and continuation of the species.  When a plant is blooming, the highest concentration of its life force is contained in that flower, in the hopes of being pollinated and continuing the cycle.

From these highly energetic plant parts comes Flower Essences.  Flower Essences are the vibrational signature of a plant.  Essences are carefully collected in pure water, preserved with brandy, and diluted homeopathically to ensure a powerful effect.

Flower Essences were first discovered and developed by Dr. Edward Bach in Wales in the 1930s.  After many years as a successful homeopathic doctor, he left a prominent position as a highly-regarded hospital to pursue research into a way to bring emotional healing to his patients.  He had observed that patients would heal at different rates, based on their emotional well-being.  He sought an answer – and found it among the flowers.

The Bach Flower Essence system contains 38 individual flower remedies that treat everything from anxiety and fear to a racing mind or a feeling of being overwhelmed.  They can act as a powerful catalyst towards greater healing in the physical body, and bring balance and harmony to our emotional and mental state.

They work by introducing the higher vibration of the flowers to the lower vibration of the human body, gently but effectively encouraging our body to rise up to the vibration of the flowers.

Many clients report better sleep, more focus, more joy in life, less stress, and greater fulfillment after using flower essences.  The most well-known essence, Rescue Remedy, is a blend of five individual essences and is used to treat shock, trauma, grief, and acute stress.  I use Rescue Remedy when driving, for instance, to keep my center in the midst of stressful traffic.  I have paramedic colleagues who carry the remedy on ambulances to treat shock at the scene of accidents.  Whether minor or major, all stresses can be alleviated and vibrations brought back to peace using Flower Essences.

After Dr. Bach’s passing, many herbalists around the world have studied their own bioregional flower essences, and the field continues to grow.  These simple but effective tools are safe in combination with both pharmaceutical and herbal drugs, making them a powerful and practical therapy — for anyone!