Co-creating the Revolution

Co-creating the Revolution
Originally published in March/April 2009 issue of Velocity Magazine


The health of our humanity is in danger. For nearly one hundred years, we’ve been lied to. We’ve been fed misinformation, empty food, and dangerous medications.


Somewhere along the way, we thought we knew better than Great Source when it came to our food. We thought we’d grow our food in a new and different way, adding chemicals to virtually every step of the process from planting to harvesting. We started growing single crops on vast plots of land, stripping the soil of valuable nutrients. When our soil is stripped of its nutrients, the food grown in that soil is vastly deficient in nutrients, too.


Next, we took the harvest of our crops and processed the food so that it could sit on shelves for year at a time. We thought we knew better, so we took away the color of our food, transforming the rich brown hues of our grains into stark white, stripping the foods of valuable nutrients. Then we pumped it full of synthetic chemicals that would allow us to pack it inside cardboard boxes, to remain for months on end.


Then, we decided that we knew better when it came to our medicine. We abandoned the system of healing that we had used since we evolved into upright beings, and replaced it with concentrated, synthetic chemicals that hadn’t been used for very long at all. We chose medicines that isolated and attacked in opposition of our physiological function, over medicines that supported the body’s own remarkable ability to heal itself.


Through the introduction of all these new medicines, things started changing. Cancer grew from 3% of all deaths in 1900 to 20% today, and growing. Over 60% of all cancer is now thought to be dietary-related. Diabetes has grown from one-tenth of one percent in 1900 to over 20% today. We’ve grown from producing less than one million pounds of synthetic chemicals each year, to producing over 14 billion a year today. Over 60% of the processed foods in the grocery store contain a genetically modified ingredient. Fast food grew from a $6 billion industry in 1970 to a $115 billion industry today.


We’re now the most overfed and undernourished population in the world. The American form of malnutrition comes not from a lack of food, but from a lack of nutrients in that food. When we don’t feed our body the nutrients it needs to function, it can’t function. When we add chemicals to try to fix the dysfunction of our bodies, we either lay a temporary bandage over the problem, or – more likely – create a new one.


Our country is long overdue for a revolution, and it starts in each home, in each kitchen, in each medicine cabinet. We must nourish our bodies and our souls. Co-create this revolution with me. It’s not just green, but a deep rich brown of the soil and the trees, and a brilliant azure of the skies and the seas. It’s the ripe red strawberry and the golden tangerine.


To create the revolution, we must envision the revolution. What does it look like to you? To me, it looks like freedom. My vision of freedom empowers each of my brothers and sisters to know they have access to universal healthcare. Yes, I said it – universal healthcare. It’s universal, it’s accessible, it’s affordable, it’s sustainable — it starts in my backyard. I envision a revolution where each of us grows our own food and our own medicine, in harmony with the ecosystem and the nuances of our bioregion.


To create the revolution, we must give voice to the revolution. Talk to your friends. Share what you know about the earth, about the ways we pillage her resources every day, and about the solutions she so simply provides to us in our backyards. Speak about our food system, and how has failed us for over a century. Speak about our healthcare system, and the ways it is broken. Listen to what they know – we must learn from each other. Lift your voice to those that make the laws. Start with your city council – change your neighborhood, and then your city. Organize a community garden, or a city


Our voices carry across vast spaces when we sing as a choir. Head to the capital, and speak your truth to our state legislators. Write to your congressman. Demand that our country end a century of allowing harmful chemicals into our drinking water and our natural lands through agricultural and pharmaceutical run-off. Demand that we return to a biodynamic form of agriculture, so we can repair and replenish the pillaged soils of our nation. Demand that we uphold organic standards, so that the label “organic” truly means something. Demand that we start teaching our children that tomatoes come from a plant, not from a plastic container at the grocery store; that milk comes from a cow, not from a plastic jug. Demand that we uphold the freedom to choose a system of healthcare that honors our bodies and that honors the planet.


The revolution is here and the revolution is now. To create the revolution, we must live the revolution. It starts with me and it starts with you, with a simple step each day or each week, living towards sustainable health. Cut back on one processed food that isn’t serving you. Explore one new food that will bring you a colorful spectrum of minerals and nutrients. Drink a little more water. Take a walk around the block. Use a flower essence to reconnect and heal your spirit. Get a little more sleep. Grow a potted herb on your back porch. Drink a cup of herbal tea each night before bed.


Commit to yourself and your health. Embrace your own power to heal, to transform. When we start to heal ourselves, we heal the planet. That is revolutionary.


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